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The Grange Hall


     The Rosendale Historical Museum was built in 1891 by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, which was chartered that year as Lodge #89.  They also had a female auxiliary which was the Rebekahs (Roena Lodge #125).  These Lodges were active groups until 1939, when membership had decreased and they consolidated with the Ripon Chapter.  They continued to own the Hall until 1943, when they sold it to the Rosendale Chapter of the Grange #697.  Prior to this, the Grange, which was organized in 1931, had been renting the space from the l.O.O.F.  All of these groups conducted their meetings on the second floor of the building.
     The main floor of the building was built for a community center.  It was used for all High School basketball games until 1926, when Rosendale built a separate building for their High School.  Graduation ceremonies, plays, dances, card parties and wedding receptions were all held on the lower level of the building, which had a stage on one end.  During the 1950’s it was used as a roller skating rink and also for square dances plus many other things.  
     The Grange owned the building until 1980, when it was sold and an antique shop was operated in the building from 1982 – 1986.  From then the building remained vacant until in 2010 it was purchased by Philip and Susan Pinch and given to the Rosendale Historical Society.  Through the help of many financial donations and countless hours of volunteer labor, the Hall was restored.  In 2014, the Historical Society moved their museum into the building.  The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2016.

2024 = 133 years!

The Grange Hall Museum is open every Saturday afternoon from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. during the months of June (Peony displays), July (Scrapbook collection), and August (Postcards and Photographs of area). A museum docent will be available at those times!

To request another time, please call:  (920) 872-2558 or (920) 872-2352.

Admission is free! 

Donations welcomed!

*Parking on street only*

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